About Angela Knight

Angela Knight’s mission is to empower every client to look in the mirror and see the confident, sexy person they really are – comfortable in their own skin and ready to live life to the full. Her passion is showing her clients their true inner beauty so that they can show it to the world. When you are delighted with how you look, you are free to meet and enjoy whatever life brings.

Angela sources and fits luxury lingerie, swimwear and loungewear from carefully selected ready to wear collections or bespoke. As a trained stylist and designer with 30 years’ experience, she has the skills to satisfy every client’s needs wherever they are on their journey. Her service is personal to you. At an unhurried one to one session in the intimate atmosphere of her boudoir she will give you her undivided attention. Result: an enhanced you, sculpted to be your feminine, female best.

If you would like to book a session with Angela, please go to the 'Appointments page' and make an appointment. She looks forward to meeting you with the door locked, Ella Fitzgerald playing and time to give your transformation her undivided attention.


Love Vouchers

I would like to invite you to buy some love for your very special partner to keep their heart open and the love flowing. This includes an appointment with me with curtains drawn, the door locked and Ella Fitzgerald.

Specialist bra fitting, bespoke corsetry, swimwear and silk loungewear.

To purchase your love vouchers simply phone the store on 01488 686 475.
Our gift vouchers are available from £50 to £1000, with no limit to the love.

“If you are true to love, love will be your reflection!” By Angela Knight


Press & Testimonials

Angela Knight Lingerie has featured in the media a number of times. You can read some of our press clippings here or below are a few words from a selection of our satisfied customers:

Judith-Rose Duchess of Somerset:

I discovered Angela Knight while looking for underwear for my teenage daughters when she first opened her shop in Marlborough. She is now the only person from whom I will buy a bra in all the world and I will travel to do so!

I was immediately captivated by her knowledge, passion and commitment to a woman’s and girl’s needs and wellbeing – which so often comes from having the confidence to face the world. At the basis of this is how we feel about ourselves and if we know that ‘our’ breasts are both secure and attractive immediately our posture and presence improves and that will, of course, exude a natural confidence.

With a narrow back and full breasts and endless non-fitting bras later with one miraculous personal fitting by Angela my life was changed. Not only did I find a perfect fit but also a new glamour in the underwear she found for me – no more hiding away in a changing room or even at home with dull ill-fitting ingerie!

Angela will tell her customers that a woman’s power is ‘Love’ and that this love comes from behind our breasts – from the heart. If we stand tall, are proud of our femininity we are showing the whole world our own personal and confident love.

Having a new bra from Angela is not just one experience it is many – her friendship and understanding, her knowledge of every different type of woman and her needs but also the knowledge that with the confidence this acquisition gives us we can walk tall in our far from easy world and make a difference in whatever situation we find ourselves

Helen Edwards:

A miracle has happened! I have found Angela again. I know this may seem over the top, but really words cannot describe what a trip to Angela and her Lingerie does for you….and for your husband! This is not just a Lingerie shop, this is better than a trip to the Spa or a visit to your Counsellor. Angela’s sixth sense will work with you to provide exactly what your mind and body needs to make you feel absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much Angela, you have re-ignited me!

Pippa Smith:

It is said that what we do in life echoes in eternity. I trust you will remain the beautiful, empowering and truth-seeking lady who lights women’s paths. We are blessed to have your insight.

Since my first fitting with Angela, I have worn one of her bras for six years. To me it represented confidence, passion and self esteem in a way no other underwear had before. It was like wearing underwear from another dimension: full of beauty and power. After her move from Marlborough, I could not find her until last week! So, six years on, I walked into her boutique in Hungerford, with my original very old, tatty Freya bra hanging by a thread, and was once again reunited and safe in the arms of a woman who ‘sculpts’ the female form to perfection.

Every now and then, say once in a blue moon, you find just the ‘thing’ you need. When it happens, TELL EVERY WOMAN YOU LOVE HOW TO GET THERE TOO! From my heart to yours, the effects of Angela Knight is every woman’s birth right!

Get to it girls.

Elizabeth Gage:

I so love your lovely ads. You have just the right knack, and every time I come to your lovely Shop I feel refreshed and happy. You have such beauty all around. Bless you Angela for making it such a special experience to buy something from you.

Rebeca James:

I visited your most excellent shop about ten years ago, when you were in Marlborough. I’m so pleased to have tracked you down and thrilled your business is going from strength to strength. I’m really keen for proper bra fitting. Since the last time I visited you, I have had a baby, breastfeed, gained weight lost weight and been in a long-term relationship. I am now approaching middle-age, whatever that may mean. But, recently I had the most demoralising experience (yes you guessed it) at a bra-fitting session in M&S. After trying numerous bras, standing in a cold cubicle, with unforgiving overhead lighting, most were ill fitting and comfortable.i depressingly settled on something Catholic nuns would’ve approved of. Yep, nude, shapeless with any ounce of femininity drained from it. And that was just the bra! I left wondering: “Is this it? Is this what I have to accept now, at this time in my life.” I’m contacting you out of desperation Please help! Please help find the ‘me’ again. Can’t think of a better way to start 2019!

Susan Fellows:

I stared at my well- endowed girlfriend with increduality as she tucked my 5 into her bra. ‘ You would be amazed what i find in there some nights!’, she stated, oblivious to the succession of thought bubbles floating over my head. Don’t get me wrong! I have never wanted a bigger bust – mine works perfectly in the gym, on the hockey pitch, out riding. However, ‘Gamine’ as a style, works wonderfully in arty films, but is rather harder to carry off in a normal life. It would be lovely to have a dress drape seductively over my chest, as opposed to hanging off my shoulders like a nuns habit!

Then came Angela, and ‘petite’ acquired a whole new meaning. One filled with lace, and naughtiness; confidence and femininity; but above all, curves and a cleavage!!! I admit I can still be found staring curiously down my chin at my new- found cleavage, but there again, so can several of my male friends, who have pronounced that it is not size, but shape that matters...

Fast forward to the check-out in Haberdashery at John Lewis with a girlfriend. I am holding up one of the buttons I am buying to the light, and it slips between my fingers and down into my cleavage and beyond. I admit a surprised squeak, while my girlfriend gasps, ‘I don’t believe it!’. Oblivious to the amazed shop assistants, and surrounding customers, I turn to my girlfriend and cupping my breasts in my hands announce triumphantly, ‘ I’m wearing one of Angela’s bras! Look, it’s my new cleavage!! Isn’t it wonderful!!!!


I walked into Angela Knight’s underwear shop in Marlborough at least six years ago with my husband as we had a little time to kill. I had just ordered some new underwear from a reputable department store, my usual nude coloured, wear it everywhere boring undies. To my complete and utter surprise Angela greeted me by saying you are a 30F. My jaw dropped open as I had been wearing a 34D for years following department store assistant’s advice. I agreed there and then to have fitting as I had been feeling uncomfortable!

Without sign of a tape measure Angela expertly fitted me into at least twenty gorgeous bras and opened up a complete new world to me. I felt a new and confident women as my bust looked and felt as it should.

My husband also confessed that he thought my current range of practical colourless undies were most uninspiring. He bought me four sets of the most exquisite lingerie and I actually wore one out of the shop and handed my old bra to Angela for disposal! I also cancelled my order from the department store.

I now visit Angela in her new shop in Hungerford and always emerge feeling fantastic and thrilled to bits with my purchases. This year was very special as I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and had a full mastectomy and reconstruction on my right breast. For the past year I have lived in sports bras and I promised myself that when I had fully recovered I would treat myself to a trip to Angela. I was delighted that my surgery has been excellent and I am wearing the same size bra and Angela found some fabulous styles that really enhance my figure and make me feel very feminine in wonderful colours. In essence, Angela has given me back the freedom to be proud of my figure and enjoy it.

A huge thank you.

Emma Verey:

You fall into her shop feeling muddy, unkempt and insecure, and the warmth of her welcome puts you instantly at ease, so slipping off your shoes and stepping onto the sheepskin rug behind the curtain is simple and then she transforms you. She makes you relax, she makes you laugh and above all she makes you feel good about yourself…you leave her shop smiling and with a spring in your step.

She is, as I said, a genius.

Anais Nin:

Angela! Thank you for the amazing service and inspiration last Saturday. I LOVE it all. and so does my man. I can’t wait to come back! “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”


I can’t praise Angela Knight more – I visited her shop for a fitting after seeing the article about how she’d fitted the Middleton ladies prior to the royal wedding and just had to find out what had brought them to her shop in particular and in doing so, had the best experience!

The shop is the most beautiful I have ever seen; it’s designed as a boudoir, full of antique furniture, sheepskins, cushions and has an amazing changing room. I think the staff could tell I was nervous but they made me feel so welcome and confortable that I soon relaxed. I thought I was in the right sized bra but after being fitted by Angela (without a tape measure in sight!) I discovered I was completely wrong! I’d been fitted before at a highstreet store and have always hated it but this experience was fantastic. Angela made me feel great about myself and showed me that by wearing the right size bra you can look like you’ve lost weight! I had been wearing a 32DD but its turns out I’m actually a 28F, I didn’t even know that size existed! Even though I’m wearing a larger cup size my bust looks smaller. She’s given me a beautiful shape and really helped me to embrace my curves and love my figure – plus I can even run for the bus without being embarrassed now!

So thanks Angela, I’ll definitely be back for more!


Some months ago I stumbled on the most amazing little shop in Hungerford where I met Angela Knight… I left with the most amazing underwear, but most importantly a huge and well needed confidence boost, and fortunately that feeling was not just the rush of the shopping experience, and leaving with the fabulously cute wrapped parcels and special bags… but spending some ‘me time’ with someone who got what I was about, I am not twenty something, but a mid thirties mum who still wants to feel great, body shape has changed, and in truth so have I, my husband bought me some truly gorgeous underwear but it just did not work for me…I was really struggling to find the right underwear, having lost weight (obviously from the boobs first as is the curse:) I was not even sure what was my style anymore… a little older but still me!

What is great about Angela is that most underwear shops that fit your bra somehow make you feel like you have it all wrong…somehow you end up feeling like you have stumbled into the wrong place, wishing you had been underwear shopping before you went there…in truth your as likely to buy that expensive set just to get away (you know we have all been there!) Whilst ‘those’ shops challenge your boundaries, Angela has a way of helping you redefine and establish your own boundaries and find something that in truth feels like it was made just for you, she has a knack of fitting you perfectly, not just by understanding your shape but allowing you to really shine.

She is a genius and absolutely a must visit… My only regret is meeting Angela now, if recent press is right she would have been the perfect Wedding compliment! That said she has done wonders for my average day of the week version of myself …and that ladies (and Gents) is priceless!

Diane Glass:

Was it fate that took me to Angela Knight’s beautiful little lingerie shop in Hungerford for the first time a couple of months ago? Angela would probably say so; I’m not sure but certainly, driving through the town of Hungerford going from one business appointment to another, buying lingerie was the last thing on my mind. I spotted the shop, there was a parking space, I jumped out and, having only ever bought my lingerie in M&S and department stores before, entered Angela’s boudoir with some trepidation.

Once inside, the goodies on offer were gorgeously tempting and Angela immediately overcame my nervousness with a friendly, “This is your first time here, isn’t it, my love?” Obviously it was not going to be my last! Within minutes I had begun to tell her my story – marriage break up, first date for 30 years on the horizon, new start, crossroads etc. Why was I telling her all this? I don’t normally share my secrets with a complete stranger!

For the next half hour I was lucky enough to have Angela’s undivided attention and was whisked into the pink curtained tent with real flowers and cushions inside that is her changing room. Having judged my size (perfectly I must say) without the use of a tape measure, she proceeded to offer up treasure after treasure that she thought might suit; bows and sequins and lace and silk all combined to make the most gorgeous and sexy underwear I had ever seen.

When Angela is working with you she literally dresses you up in each piece and she made me feel like a million dollars’ worth of real woman. Her underwear celebrates all that is lovely in a woman’s form, it gave a beautiful new shape to my bosom and made me feel stylishly sexy in a really quite empowering way. I tried on bras, pants, thongs, silk shirts and even a corset (a corset – me?!) which I put on my “wish list” should I ever persuade a man to visit Angela on my behalf. I came out of Angela’s shop on cloud nine; I always enjoy shopping but this was on a different level altogether!

Now I have a range of fabulous lingerie that makes me feel beautiful, shapely, feminine and sexy, which fits perfectly and is comfortable all day. I have joined Angela’s club; she has my details, she calls me up when she buys something she thinks I might like, she has my wish list and of course I’ve been back for more.

And, in case you’re wondering, yes, I even have my corset!


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Appointment Costs (for new client):
1 hour one to one session = £100. Refundable on items purchased on the day.
Please give 24 hours notice if cancelling your appointment.




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